PLEASE NOTE!!!!! A 'Nail Filing Machine' aka a 'drill' should NEVER be allowed to touch your NATURAL nail!!!!!!!

 Silk & Fibreglass
 China Silk or Synthetic Fibreglass nails are more commonly known as 'wraps'.
 These are considered a more natural nail overlay as they have a more natural appearance.
 The wrap nail process : the nail surface is cleaned, then the nail with be 'etched' to 
 smooth out the surface to ensure the wrap will adhere correctly.
 Silk wrap is then cut to fit the nail and adhesive applied to secure it in place.
 An additional layers will be applied (usually 3 possibly 4), then following this the overlay will be filed gently, 
 shaped, buffed & oiled to a high gloss shine.
 Finally, after washing to remove excess dust, the nails can be polished.
 Silk & Fibreglass are a delicate overlay & if your lifestyle is more active - then I would advise 
 that you choose acrylic as it is by far the more durable & versatile of all the systems.

 UV Gel  uses the same tip application as
 acrylics, Silk wraps & fibreglass.
 If you require longer nails, then the gel is applied
 after the tip application. Due to the viscosity of
 the gel, it is 'cured' (set) under a UV light & two
  or three 'layers' are applied.
  Once both hands are finished the 'excess' gel is
  removed, filed, shaped painted if required.
  Nail art can be applied to any nails.....