A manicure consists of soaking your 
 nails/hands & when the tissue surrounding the
 nails has softened the excess is carefully
 The nails are filed, shaped & buffed into equal
 lengths & shapes.
 A finger, hand & half arm massage is then
 performed, thus stimulating blood flow to
 enhance nail growth.
 Your nails can then be painted as required.
 On average a manicure should take around
 40 minutes.
 A mini-manicure consists of file, buff & painting
 the nails and takes around 15-20 minutes....


A pedicure consists of mainly the same
treatment as a manicure. 
Soaking of your feet to soften tissue, etc..
The soles of your feet are then 'filed' with a 
pumice style file, to remove hard skin, making them softer.
A toe, foot & half leg massage is then performed,
stimulating blood flow to enhance nail growth.
Your nails can then be painted as required.

On average a pedicure should take around
45-50 minutes...

A mini-pedicure consists of file, buff & painting
the nails and takes around 20 minutes....