PLEASE NOTE!!!!! A 'Nail Filing Machine' aka a 'drill' should NEVER be allowed to touch your NATURAL nail!!!!!!!
            Nail Care        
            To ensure nail extensions, manicure/pedicures & nail art remain in perfect condition,
            I use carefully selected brands & products, which have been proven, tried & tested over 
            many years of experience with nails, to ensure clients receive the quality they expect.

            Nail extensions when correctly cared for & maintained (checked fortnightly) should last well, 
            Manicures should be assessed approximately after a 4-6 week period.
            Pedicures every 6-8 weeks, but obviously all are dependent upon the speed of nail growth.

            Acrylic, UV Gel, Silk Wraps & Fibreglass extensions, lengthen but do not strengthen your natural nails.
            If you are a biter or you just have week nails.... Extensions will give instant length & allow your nails to
            grow underneath.... When your nails are at your required length, we can soak off the tips & then apply 
            the 'over-lays'. The artificial nails are not a replacement but  a natural looking 'enhancement' to your
            own natural nail. All products are acrylic based.... 
            There are two main approaches to creating artificial nails :
  • Tips - created using a nail shaped lightweight ABS Plastic.
  • Forms - formed nails are called Sculptured or Porcelain & primarily Acrylic
        These are glued onto the end of the natural nail & 'blended in' using acetone to create, 
            what should look like 'a natural nail.' All systems use the same nail tip application.
            The 'over-lay' is then applied over the entire nail. Tips are now available in many different
            colours and designs, ranging from simple colours such as yellow or blue, to flamboyant, 
            or animal prints, mixed metallic & glittery colours.

        These are fitted over the nail, then an artificial nail is moulded out of acrylic, 
            when 'set' the form is removed & then properly filed, shaped & buffed to a shine.
            ACRYLIC/UV Gel
            Acrylic & UV Gel have the same tip application. Acrylic is a liquid & powder, that when mixed
            together on a sable brush, will look like a paste. When the gel is applied, it is of a 'syrup' like 
            consistency. The two products are then carefully applied to the nail plate, creating an evenly balanced
            layer over the nail & or tip.  Acrylic is an 'air drying' product, whilst the gel has to be 'cured' under a 
            UV light & two or three 'layers are usually applied. Once both hands are finished, the 'excess' gel is
            wiped off. Both products will then be filled, shaped & buffed to a high shine according to your requirements.

         Silk & fibreglass are a 'mesh' that is cut & applied to the length & shape of the tip.
            These are then 'built up' with a resin & sometimes a 'daylight gel' which is set with an
            activator spray (to facilitate a rapid process). Once two or three layers have been applied
            these are then filled, shaped & buffed to a shine.

            All of the above can be used as a 'Natural Nail Overlay' (no tips or forms used). Nail polish
            can be applied after hands have been washed..... 

Does your nail technician know the difference between your pterygium (ter-i-gee-um) to Terry Wogan?

Your hyponichium (hi-po-nee-key-um) from a hypochondriac? 

Nail glue from a nail resin?

If not.... You're going to the wrong nail salon!!