PLEASE NOTE!!!!! A 'Nail Filing Machine' aka a 'drill' should NEVER be allowed to touch your NATURAL nail!!!!!!!

 Unfortunately, acrylic nails have very bad press! Do not allow this to put you off...! Acrylics are, if applied correctly & with the best products available, 
it is one of the best systems for your nails! If you went to a hairdressers & had a bad haircut - would you blame the scissors?
 In simple terms - NO!!! But, like with so many things in life... A bad story gets repeated far more than a good one!!

ACRYLICS: These are made by mixing a synthetic powder & liquid. Acrylics can be used as a 'tip overlay', 'sculptured' by using nail
 forms & as a 'natural nail' overlay.  Nail extensions should not be treated any differently from the natural nail.
 Whilst these are up to 15 times stronger than a natural nail, they are not unbreakable. They are designed to break when 
"traumatised" and as distressing as this can be, it is far better to lose a replaceable/repairable nail, than a broken finger.

 Some clients choose acrylics, if they suffer from nail brittleness or are simply unable to attain
 nail growth to a reasonable length. They can also be used to cover the tracks of closet nail biters - we all do it,
 but why anyone would want to bite some gorgeous created nails...?

 Using acrylics, because of the length, we can create some unique art designs, 
 or use nail piercing, to enhance the effect, with crystals, jewelry, if you dream it, why not try it!